A range of pricing estimates is provided below for each level of service. Please contact me for a customized price quote. Estimated fees are based on a manuscript of approximately 90,000 words. Discounted rates are available for shorter projects.

Special Offers

Submission Package: If you’re about to start sending queries to agents and editors, this package is a great value and an excellent opportunity to learn how a fresh set of eyes might view your manuscript. It’s also a terrific introduction to working with a professional editor if you haven’t before. For $150 I offer a critical review of your synopsis and the first three chapters of your manuscript, up to 12,500 words. You’ll receive an e-mail that provides a brief overview of my revision suggestions, as well as text-specific comments in the manuscript itself. Line edits can be included for an additional $100.

Freelance Editorial Services

For clients who request developmental and line editing services, I deliver a comprehensive revision letter that provides an overall framework and direction for revisions, as well as a marked-up copy of the manuscript that includes more text-specific comments. My comments are friendly and conversational, designed to get you thinking about ways to improve your manuscript. After you receive my input, it’s up to you to accept or reject my suggested changes, and to implement whatever modifications you believe are appropriate. Pricing for developmental and line editing services ranges from $1,500 to $2,500.

Book Doctor Services

Clients who are looking for more detailed revision suggestions should consider book doctor services. In addition to the standard developmental and line editing services described above, you’ll receive more extensive guidance to help strengthen and polish your manuscript. For example, I might suggest ways to deepen an existing conflict. Or I might recommend reworking a scene to accomplish specific, articulated goals. In each case, I’ll explain why I made the suggestion and include an example of the solution I have in mind. Then you choose whether to make those changes, and let me know if you’d like me to implement them in your voice. Regardless of my level of involvement, it’s still your book, so you are the ultimate decision maker. Pricing for this collection of services will be determined by agreement, either hourly or by the page, based on submission of sample pages. Fees generally range from $2,000 to $3,500.

Author Coaching Services

Coaching can be billed hourly or by a flat fee. For work on an hourly basis I would charge an agreed-upon fee to put together the initial critique of your material, plus $100/hour for the time I’d spend after that as we work together to solve the issues identified in the critique. As with my other services, fees for the initial critique are based upon a brief review of your work. Alternatively, I can offer a flat rate of $2500/month, which would include the initial critique and regularly scheduled telephone meetings of approximately one hour per week, along with unlimited email correspondence between meetings.